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Learn How to Make Money Every day by intra day margin trading on NSE
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Million of Indians suffer from common problems negatively affecting their share market trading and profits, such as:
  • Which Scrip to Choose?
  • When to Play the Scrip?
  • Buy or Sell, Short or Go Long?
  • Incorrect/Outdated Research or Information

During the trading session trading opportunities, each lasting a few minutes, occur all the time and it is really difficult to keep track of above very important ingredients to share/equity market success.

We simplified the above process for you by using cutting-edge information technology to give you real time suggestions of buy and sell including the name, price and qty of scrip in real time during the trading hours.

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  Clean Your Act Now!
  • Stop losing money due to information mismanagement
  • Assure yourself of the benefits of
  • Try our Free* (for limited time) Stock Market Trading Tips
  • Actively Trade each session to create large turnovers
  • Earn thousands every day with Margin Trading

Unleash the power of IT (Information Technology) into your intraday equity share trading and open the treasure of never ending share market earnings.

  Super Charge your Equity Share Market Trading! presents daily computer's analysis of stock market data by processing the data in real-time. We provide you Tips on Shares to Buy, Shares to Sell for maximum profit within a short span of time. You can trade several time during the day with your margin money and create sure profit every time. Signup to avail all the valuable data during the market session without any additional cost. Click here to see current market status, share buy/sell tips and for more information.
For Current Market Tips and for more details of current / last session of NSE, Indian Stock Market, Click here.
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Learn How to Make Money Every Minute in Share Market by Intra-day Share Trading using computer's analysis of stock market session of NSE provided live everyday on the website.

Average Yearly Returns of <423> % is on the total turnover or trade volume you do. For intra-day margin trading up to 4 to 8 times exposure is allowed. So you will be actually able to do 4 to 8 times of the normal turnover with your margin money. So your Average Yearly Returns are actually an unbelievable <1,694> % to <3,387> % per year. Your money grows <17> times to <34> times every year. These are not fantastic claims but a result backed by data processing and share tipping of over <677> trading days on NSE (National Stock Exchange, India). So if you have money to invest, don't wait anymore, put it where the dividends are. Buy our SMS Share Trading Tips and make handsome profits as narrated above. Average return for our tips is <1.16> %. This is your target. Your stop loss is at -<0.58> % of the buy/sell price. This equation of profit will work everyday for you for the equity shares we will send by SMS on your mobile. These tips are most elegantly filtered for maximum gain and success rate. No Mutual Fund normally gives more than 100% return per year. If you have Rupees 25-100 Cr or about 5 Million Dollars or more to invest you can form Your Own Privately Held Mutual Fund poised to give you phenomenal returns of <1,694> % to <3,387> % per year every trading day with the know-how and the software to generate these winning share trading tips and the live website everyday. Signup now for SMS Share Trading Tips or Learn More about how to create your own privately held mutual fund.

Proof of Profit - Everyday Equity Share Tips Gains for Over Last 400 days
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Click here to see the Proof of Gain from our Equity Share Trading Tips - Intraday Share Trading Tip Summary Report for NSE Trade Session on 8-Feb-2014 11:38:41 AM Saturday.

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Wining Stock markets tips live by SMS on your mobile phone
Get standard account at only $50/- and benefit as much as you can. One Share Trading Tips costing only Rs. 100 can earn you as much as 10% or more on your margin money in a day. It's no joke, the cat is out of the bag now. Verify the results yourself by visiting our website daily and dwelling on the results published on the website.
Call us, SMS us on Mobile +919826033120 or email us at: >>   mail @     << to signup now. See all details on website which is totally free outside the market hours. During market hours privileged reports are only available to members.


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